Streamline the Process for Obtaining PMDC Registration

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A substantial number of Pakistani physicians pursue advanced medical training abroad. To fulfill this academic desire, they are required to attain temporary, and eventually permanent registration with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). 

One would expect the registration process to be consistent, regularized and systematic. In fact it is inconsistent, unpredictable and obsolete. The core of the issue rests in the manner in which PMDC contacts the foreign teaching hospitals pertaining to the candidate's completion of internship, also known as house job in Pakistan. To begin with, it can take up to several weeks before a verification request is sent to the teaching hospital. At times, this verification is obtained via email and takes only a few days, at other times however, arbitrarily a decision is made to obtain this verification by mailing the documents to the foreign teaching hospital via the Pakistani embassy in that country. This can take up to several months and there have been instances of documents being lost during transit. This problem is not just limited to permanent registration, all other PMDC registration and certification processes are similarly archaic. 

Currently, all teaching hospitals outside Pakistan have secure email systems that are used for official and confidential correspondence. Every training program also has a coordinator who can be emailed for direct verification of the candidate's house job. Despite that, the PMDC's insistence to use mail to send documents to teaching hospitals abroad is reflective of the organization's complete refusal and total inability to adapt to modern times. In fact, it is quite appalling that at a time when the entire process of obtaining the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) from NADRA is online - and can be completed in ten business days - getting a PMDC registration requires the records to be sent by mail and can take up to several months. 
In order to make this process more efficient and less anachronistic, we petition that the following changes be made:

1. All PMDC registrations and certifications be made available online. 
2. House job completion verification via email be implemented across the board. 
3. A time limit be set for the verification request to be sent to teaching hospitals outside Pakistan.
4. Online tracking of the registration and certification processes be made available. 

Pakistani physicians training and working abroad, not only contribute generously to the remittances that are vital to the country’s economy, but also serve as Pakistan’s ambassadors abroad. The least they can expect is to be treated with fairness, respect and professionalism.