An Employment Tax Incentive To Create More Jobs For People With A Disability

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Collette Divitto
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The Unemployment rate for people with a labeled disability is 81%. This population today is included in schools and programs. But when it comes to finding a job, employers are hesitant and not offering employment. Most of this population is living in poverty, and often become a financial burden to their aging parents, all because they cannot find a paying job and earn a living. Understand they are well capable. This population faces employment discrimination and does not have opportunities equal to the general population. They are unable to become independent.!

This is a national crisis!

We are asking for a policy that offers tax incentives for employers who hire people with a labeled disability. This would help employers get past that hesitance and learn just how capable this population truly is. In turn, it would give the disability community a chance to earn a living, find a purpose, break out of poverty and achieve financial independence. 

Additionally, we ask to abolish an old law that was put in place for different reasons than what employers are taking advantage of now. That is the 14C Exemption to the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is a little-known federal law that excludes Americans with disabilities from receiving the federal minimum wage and allows employers to pay them whatever they think they’re worth. When this law was first passed in 1938, it required employees with a disability to earn at least 75% of the minimum wage. It originated to encourage employers to hire a person with a disability at a lesser cost to them, allow this person to prove themselves, and then get an equal salary for the position or at least minimum wage. But things have changed over time. In 1966, that rate dropped to 50% and in 1986, that percentage was removed altogether. 

The 19% of people employed with a disability are often paid well under minimum wage. There have been reported cases of people with disabilities making as little as $1 an hour and in fact, we have discovered some paid with candy.

This is unacceptable. This policy must be abolished.

Please sign the petition to help us get these policies written and enacted, and help us make a difference.