Legal Justice 4 her. End sexual assualt violence.

Legal Justice 4 her. End sexual assualt violence.

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Anita Kay Holland started this petition to President Of Zambia

My name is Anita Kay Holland am a Zambian who works with sexual assualt victims and under privileged children. I own a self funded NGO called Sistah Sistah Foundation and I am speaking on behalf of the rape victim who fears for her safety so I shall refer to her as Jane Doe. I was contacted by the victim on 9th January 2019, when she told me how she had been sexually assualted in October and the police had closed her case without proper investigation. After trying to get help from various NGOs who didn't get back to her, she contacted me on Twitter and told me about her case. She then later sent me a clip of an article about her case and two voice notes where the guy admits to rape. The first voice note is of her talking to him to try and get evidence after the nurse who treated her told her no one would believe her because she had no evidence. The guy admits to touching her then goes on to insist that nothing happened after she blacked out even though she woke up naked and saw an empty packet of condoms. The next voice note is of him bragging to his friends about how he had sex with her, he then goes on to laugh about how she was pretending about not knowing anything. 


She has tried to get justice but her case was closed. We are trying to help raise funds for her fees so that she could sue and have her case reopened but her family can not afford her legal fees. Legal experts have advised us that this could be costly and trying to get her case reopened could take years. She is ready to fight and so are my team and I. We are asking that you sign this pettition and help share her story. We are open to receiving help of any kind, It could be through money, legal help or advice. Anything to help her. 


This isn't the first case like this in Zambia. Zambia has a thriving rape culture and is a heaven for rapists. So many girls get raped and no one fights for them. Only 10% of reported sexual assualt cases make it to court. 1 in 4 girls in Lusaka has not experienced sexual assualt. Parents whose children have been molested often accept $100 in exchange for their silence. Some police men rape women and chaserape victims and refuse to report their cases. Our government does not ban marital rape. Our culture focuses on teaching girls how not to be raped instead of telling men not to rape. 



Here is a full narration of her story in her own words. 


 It was a Friday, October 19th after writing my last paper and school was officially closed. My friend G and I planned to go out. Later S told us her "friend" P asked her to invite two friends to accompany them in town. That's how we all got ready. When we got finished around 19-20 S informed her friend and he sent his friends to come and pick us up. My school is a 20 minutes drive to town. We stopped at the shops to buy some alcohol and proceeded to the officer's mess. There G met her "friend " who joined us . I gave my phone to G for safe keeping since she had a bag. At around 22-23 (not sure because I didn't have my phone ) we decided to change venue. However my friend G left with her friend M earlier than S and I. Around 23. We left and went to town to him. Upon arrival S and P started arguing so I decided to excuse myself, I told them they would find me inside, since I was told G was already there. Upon entering the gate of Jm my friend C walked up to me, we greeted eachother and I asked her if she had seen G. She said no and suggested I sit with her at her table as I wait for her. I agreed and we walked to the table. There I found her in the company of two final year students who I knew from school J and Maybin. We greeted eachother and immediately Maybin engaged me in conversation. He asked where my friend G was, as we were usually together. I told him I didn't know because I was supposed to find her at the same place... He said "so you are alone?" I said not really I told him I came with S but she was outside and would join me soon and that G was on the way too. He then said "I can take you back to school if you don't mind, your friends may not show up". I said I wouldn't mind. ( he had beendriving a black car at school which I assumed was his, he had at the time recently gotten it) I then turned to C and told her Maybin has offered me a lift back go school, she said "- nice of him" I asked her if we were going together and she said her and J had other plans. Maybin then offered to buy a drink but instead came back with a six pack that I drunk with C ....

After a long while S showed up, I asked her where she had been , instead she said G is here, let's go you get your phone. So I got up, from the table and went to get my phone. When I got there I found her quite drunk. She gave me my phone. I then told them that Maybin had offered me a lift back to school in their absence. They said okay and hinted that they were not coming back to school, S said something to G and they begun arguing.The argument escaleted quickly and no attempt to calm them down worked so I then told them I wasn't going to stay there listening to them argue and I went back insid, I found Maybin at the table. He asked me where I had gone and I told him Where and he said we would be leaving soon he then asked to buy more drinks I told him I only wanted one. We walked to the bar to buy a drink but he remained behind talking to his classmates.


I walked back and he caught up with me. He got me the drink and we want back to the table... I saw some friends from school we started talking and that's when he told me it was time to go. C handed me my phone and said be careful I asked her why and she said just be carful. I didn't understand but I said okay. She said too many people were talking and looking at me. I said okay and walked to the car. We got into the car and he started driving


On the way he said he "I need to collect something from my brother's house" I asked him what it was. He replied saying " money for gas" and I said okay


I mentioned I needed to ease myself. He said I would ease myself at his brother's house. When we got there. He said you can come in,I got out of the car. And he directed me to the bathroom, when I walked into the room it was a bedroom, a self contained bedroom. So I went and peed. When I was done I asked him where his brother was? "He is coming," he said. " I found him asleep but I woke him up. He is coming, sit let's talk while we wait for him" I sat on the bed, he was seated where the feet rest when sleeping so I sat where the head rests... I wasn't so comfortable so I sat far from him

I still had the same bottle of alcohol. When I got to the house. When I went to pee, I left it with him the room. When I came out he handed it to me. Then I asked him where his brother was.

When we sat we talked about the exams, and then he begun talking about my attitude, told me I could be friendlier, saying he liked me alot... at that moment I interrupted him and told him I had a boyfriend and pointed out that he knew that I also told him about the scandal he was at school for being a womanizer and II tol him he should be ashamed. I was drunk but I remember it all. I then told him to be ashamed of himself. I was quiet uncountable but he carried on I asked him where his brother was and he didn't respond. He told me how he stalked me on Twitter, I asked him how he got my username and he said a mutaul friend told him. P is his name. He told me how he asked P to hook me up with him. But I had no response because I was not interested in him. He told me I was really pretty and I replied saying "I know" at that moment i got cold (at this point I was dozing, I was quiet drunk)and he went to use the bathroom.When he came out I demanded he take me back to school and he laughed. Telling me he wasn't taking me anywhere, he moved from where he was seated and begaun kissing me, I immediately began fighting back but i was no match for him. I was drunk and quiet slow but I put up a fight. He stopped kissing me and begun removing my dress... it even got torn during the struggle, it cut on the shoulder I begged him to stop. I asked him why he was doing that to me while covering my exposed chest only covered by a bra (huggging myself)but instead he unhooked my bra and removed it. He removed his shirt and I don't remember when the light was turned off but I remember there was darkness I couldn't see. I felt his hand in my shoulder, he pushed me so I landed on my back, I still had my cyclin on and he started pulling it down, I started kicking asking him to stop he said "behave", he pulled my pant off together with the cyclin.It all happened Soo fast.

I was kicking and begging to  please stop. I forced myself up "Shut up" but he pushed me back on my back. During the struggling I felt a boxer on him idk when he took his trousers off as I kept struggling with him I felt a condom on his private parts. felt one on him. He held me down and begun forcing himself in me I was begging and asking him to stop. I asked him why he was doing this to me but he didn't stop I felt a painful intrusion and I screamed. I cried out for help and he withdrew, I begun to cry, "shiii" he said behave you are making noise. He odered me to be quiet I was afraid and begun sobbing." go to the bathroom he ordered. I was afraid and in pain I got up and went to the bathroom I could barely see but I got to the toilet seat I got tissue and cleaned myself. I wanted to check for blood but I couldn't see in the dark.

He followed me to the door to and told me to stop crying  that he had stopped. "Why are you still crying"
He commanded that I stop crying so I sobbed in a lowwer tone. I was afraid. " I can't do this " I cried. I was afraid he would try again "I can't do this" I know and I have stopped he replied. As i walked out of the bathroom I asked for my clothes... I asked to be taken to school. But he said forget about going there I'll take you in the morning.. I asked why he brought me there. I asked him what I ever did to him I asked where my clothes were he said he didn't know " just sleep he said, I can't sleep in the same room as you I replied. I also don't want to sleep here."  So I started looking for my clothes " I can't sleep without doing push ups he said" he started doing push ups. It was dark I couldn't see anything so I was relying on my hands to feel something, I searched on the bed and around it but I felt nothing. You'll see your clothes in the morning just sleep.


Next thing I knew I was up, (I blacked out)it was morning I turned around and there he was sleeping next to me. I was confused. I remember him saying he wasn't sleeping in the same room to find him in bed with me was shocking.
 I remembered being alone. But now there he was in bed with me naked. I realised I was completely naked too. I sat up while covering myself with the blanket. On the floor I noticed two condom rappers. One was open the other wasn't. My figiting woke him up. Morning he said. What happen I replied. I begun asking questions for every question I asked he gave me 2- 3 different answers. He said he didn't sleep with me I asked him where the condom in the opened rapper was. His response was "I threw it outside." I said "let's go outside you show it to me."  He then changed his statement to I flushed it. I asked him which answer was true because he said two different things he just laughed. I was very disturbed. I asked him what happened. Because I blacked out and there was a period I couldn't account for. " you are very stubborn huh,He mentioned that "since you performed i went to the bathroom and masterbated then came to sleep." stubborn girl, you performed last night." Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. This just bothered me because I never had any intentions of sleeping with him.I was offered a lift to school yet here i was.The conversation was interrupted by a ringing phone it was my phone he got up to hand it to me I heard a voice and it wasnt his there was another person in the house. he got up and gave me me my phone (he had hidden it but now he gave it to me). It was my boyfriend calling I didn't know wheather to answer it or not. I ended up answering I spoke to him and the conversation ended. He then started handing me my clothes one by one

1st the dress, I put it on while covering myself with the beddings. Then the bra, I went to the bathroom where I started to check if there was any semen onmy private part I used tissue, there was nothing just some a strong discomfort. I decided to wear the bra. When I was done I walked out of the bathroom he pointed to where my pant was. I begun making some phone calls he came back and refered to himself as my side niggah I immediately blasted him. This had me very confused the other person in the house his " brother" as he refered to him was at the door he wanted something and was told he could come in. He walked in greeted me and begun searching for something he then lifted something and threw it at me. It was my cyclin. I was soo angry that I was in such a position. I begun reminding myself myself how I was in such a position. When the guy left the room. I asked maybin why he offered me a lift to school, he denied it and that's when I realised I was set up. His bags were already packed and in the same room. He never had any intentions of taking me back to school as he initially offered. I was soo angry but what could I do? I asked for a chitenge as my dress was quite short. He laughed and said there were no chitenges in that house. He left and came back dressed. It's time to go he said. I walked outside and I saw other houses, one house had a number of females I walked over to ask for a chitenge but the girl said she didn't live there I asked who among them did and she said none however the owner of the house was walking towards us. I asked for a chitenge she told me to follow her inside. At this point Maybin was loading his bags into the car. She came back and handed me a chitenge I thanked her. She asked me when I would bring it I said I would give it to her neighbour.

 I walked back to the car and sat in the back. The two of them sat infront. We started off the two engaged in conversation when we got to the junction, the driver pulled over and Maybin got out of the car and told me to come out too he negotiated a fare with the cab driver. When they concluded he gave me a k100. Said the cab was k40 and said I should give the remaining k60 to his roomate. He also gave me an apple. I got into the cab and headed to school it all begun to make sense. When I got to school I found some confussion once I sorted it out I called my friend and explained what happened I told her about the incident told her there was no more pain but that now it was just a discomfort. She advised me to go to the clinic. Before that I decided to inspect my privates again I pushed a finger inside but there was no semen. At around 11 I went to the clinic. I explained what happened to the nurse. Who told me that I was in such a position because I had been drinking, she told me to change my friends and change my life style. She told me that I should get tested after three months and if I have Aids I should get on medication she also said that she would give me contraceptives. She examined me and said she found bruising I knew what happened to me but hearing that confirmation broke me. I wept. She said there was a chance I brused myself with my fingernails when I was checking for semen but I knew that wasn't it. She handed me the pills and told me the dosage. I remembered my cousin told me about pep... so I asked her about it and she told me the clinic didn't have it. But I could begin taking it when I got home. This was on a Saturday. I was going home on Sunday. I asked her how I could go about reporting this to the police. She looked at me and told me I had no evidence. This broke me even more. I got up to walk back to my room feeling defeated. But she asked for my clinic card number so she could record her findings I walked back go my room feeling defeated. But I decided I should try and gather evidence. I didn't have his number so I asked for it from my apartment mate and she sent it via text. I looked for a phone I could use to record the conversation with. And I did just that.

I travelled home the next day. I went to the clinic on Monday and went to the police on Tuesday. I explained and a case was opened I was told to go back on Thursday with my mother, but I hadn't told her yet or anyone from home . I went to have medicals done again at ndola central hosptial on Tuesday. And I told my sister. She later told my mom My mum got leave and we travelled to chinsali. There the officers were initially uninterested and told us that he could sue us. The cio said " it's tricky because he is not in this province " My mother was not taking that. She challenged them and that realised they were not dealing with an illiterate person. They begun getting busy.

We arrived there late so we had to go back the followinf day

The next day we went back to the police station. We then went to my school to obtain the medical report from the nurse but she refused to hand over the file saying its against medical ethics. She asked to speak to me alone with the inspector. Inspector Makondo. That's the one that was handling my case. Since the whole victim support unit at nambuluma police station was on leave.


We went to the clinic and spoke to the nurse who had attended to be and she begun asking me questions and intimidated me when I reminded that she forgot to mention specific details. She threathened by saying  she could end everything if I argued with her. That she had the key to my case and if she refused to cooperated i would have no case. Anyway she refused to release my file. So we drove back to the police station. At the station that said they would get in injunction from the court to have access to my file. And they said they would keep us posted. My mother knew they were bluffing just to get rid of us. She then asked that I read through my statement to ensure everything recorded was correct. They just looked lost. They hadn't written my report.  That's how the inspector took my statement.

 Remember I asked for a chitenge? Yes so that chitenge I asked for the girl I found at 1st house and she told me the lady whose chitengeci got was a teacher at chinsali girls and some other details. That's what helped me track her and led me to the house where it happened. After taking my statement we went to the house where it happened. The owner of the house the guy that handed me my cycline was questioned. His names are J. He works for the auditor general's office. He tried to make it seem like  I wasn't been held there against my will and that I was lying. 

A few days after we reported it was published in the newspaper nothing else was done. I called the inspector here in ndola that initially helped me open a case. He asked for the chinsali officers number and I sent it to him. He called back to inform me my case was closed. Because of the statement from the doctor in file that said "inconsistent". Said he found bruising but it was inconsistent.


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