Boycott WW (Weight Watchers) and Oprah products. She advocates Killing Babies by Abortion!

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Oprah Winfrey is a celebrity spokesperson for WW. Weight Watchers.  WW is a company that is helping people improve their health by losing excess weight.

At WW, Oprah speaks to wellness.

Oprah has added her voice to the Shout your abortion movement, which advocates being proud of having abortions. She gave two thumbs up to the Shout your abortion movement.

Abortion is not OK. It is murder! The baby is fully formed and waiting to be born.

Do you know how they abort babies? When they are very young, they scald them alive with saline. A woman survived the saline death and struggles with chronic health problems.

When the baby is a little older, the doctor tears them limb from limb. Then he squashes their head. Then the baby comes out of the mother's body in pieces.

The babies scream! If they are born alive, the doctor snips their spinal cord with scissors to kill them. Some babies are dumped into a pail, still alive, screaming.

Oprah is not a mother, yet she is advocating mothers to have an abortion and be proud.

This is insane! This is murder! These are babies who don't stand a chance to have life.

Weight Watchers is now fully aware of Oprah's stance on abortion.

She must go. Tiger Woods lost his sponsors. Oprah must lose hers.