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Save Ukraine from war! Stop Russian KGB agents provoking war in Ukraine!!!

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Dear President of United States of America, dear Secretary of State, dear Senators & Congressmen of the free and the most respectable and powerful country in the world, it is the time when the ugly face of Kremlin fascism has exposed itself once again; the time, when the cruelest plans of the USSR's ghost has came to its implementation process and they strive for blood lust, murdering and killing of innocent people and seeding death, illness and poverty in the country, where freedom just won the biggest challenges of all, where the will of Ukrainian citizens has proved, that democracy can exist and it lives in every man, who strives to not be a slave, the slave of past.

We think, its your primary obligation to protect Ukrainians from the direct threat from Russia, because you are the only superpower country in the world, who shares the ideals of democracy with the rest world. And your support will show, how much USA follows the prophecy of ancestors like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin etc.

Please, do everything possible and don't let the evil spread over the Europe. Your support will write new strings in the modern history and will give to the helpless people new hopes of the better and united world.

On the video above is shown one of the nucleus of Russian KGB/FSB, well organized, equipped and armed in the best manner in order to accomplish their dirty mission of starting war at Ukraine.

No matter what or how, they need to be stopped right now, or we will have much more worse consequences, than in Georgia.

Russia needs all diplomatic and economic sanctions, in order to stop tearing apart of Ukraine into the pieces.



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