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Issue a pardon for Edward Snowden

Snowden Not A Leaker But A Patriot

As the citizens of the country we feel that there has been a massive violation of privacy of the citizens and Snowden has only tried to do his duty as a patriot. We consider him as the man who had fought for the privacy of the people and the internet freedom. He has tried to help the citizens by disclosing the invasive methods used by NSA to get the information needed by them without the consent of the people. Snowden is a whistleblower and he deserves amnesty and not imprisonment for 10 years.

Edward Snowden has shown great courage to disclose the most difficult information regarding the NSA surveillance program and hence, he should not be just considered as a leaker of information, but a fighter who wanted to end the unconstitutional surveillance and domestic spying by a government agency. We urge the Whitehouse to issue a pardon for this national hero.

Thanks to Betty for supporting this cause for edward snowden. Please share this petition as much as possible!



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