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The injustice of the story below has moved me to do something about it. Luckily today we are all connected without borders and boundaries and can united our forces to bring the justice. Art is beyond politics! In March 2017 the Russian singer Yulia Samoilova, chosen to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, was banned from entering Ukraine by the Ukrainian authorities. This feels unjust on more than one level.

The Ukrainian Security Service indicated that the ban might be related to Yulia’s performance in Crimea back in 2015.

At the same time, according to the rules of Eurovision the host country must ensure all participants get entry visas to the country for the entire period of the event. Therefore, the ban to enter Ukraine violates not only the rules of the contest, but most importantly - her rights as a musician and a human being.

If the current political tension between Russia and Ukraine is the only reason for the ban, then Yulia is hostage to this situation. The only way for us to change this would be to unite in our support for Yulia and stand for her right to participate in the contest.

This year Eurovision’s official moto is “Celebrate diversity”. And I think this is wonderful. At the same time the gap between this and the reality is even more staggering. It feels this is turning the Eurovision Song Contest into Eurodivision.

People of Ukraine and Russia need to support each other now more than ever. We need to love each other even through pain, suffering, alienation and hatred. When we deprive people of their rights or treat them negligibly, no matter what nationality or ability they are, we as a society fail them and ourselves.

In my view the Russians and the Ukrainians will always be one people.

And the situation today hurts me a lot. I am Russian and my grandmother is from Ukraine and half of my relatives still live there.

The success of this petition will show that citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Europe do not want this conflict at all and that we want the peace back. Every single signature on this petition will not only be a verbal support for justice, but a voice against the hostility between our nations, against any political games and manipulations.

And Yulia should sing!

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