Turkmenistan Consulates are required to carry out passport renewal and extension procedure

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Turkmen Consulates do not perform their operations in cases such as renewal of passports, extension of their passports, marriage, divorce, birth and death for Turkmen Citizens living abroad. He does not have any contact with the Turkmen Citizens who died abroad and wants to be buried by the Municipality of that country, wherever he died.This is a shame. Turkmenistan should not continue to deny that it is obliged to provide the documents needed by its Citizen. Consulates should perform their duties. If the Turkmenistan consulates cannot give documents, if they cannot take their deceased Citizens to Turkmen by plane, they cannot have any legitimacy abroad. Turkmenistan citizens are now struggling to report their objections and wishes to the Turkmen government by organizing protests in front of the Turkmenistan consulates abroad. If the Turkmen consulates do not provide any documents to the citizens of Turkmenistan, we request that the citizens of Turkmenistan be given a valid document by the United Nations. Turkmen citizens whose human rights have been violated for years have to live informally in other countries where they live. Human rights violation continues in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan citizens are forced to migrate to other countries. More than half of the population of Turkmenistan live in other countries without a visa. They are afraid to return to Turkmenistan. Help the Turkmen, let them all return home. #LibertyForTurkmenPeople