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Please let my husband come back home

My Husband Luis has been in Mexico over 2 years now waiting for his Visa. In May of 2010 he went to his second interview in Juarez. We received paper work that he was eligible to for the pardon and his passport was taken and was told he would go to Oaxaca City to pick up his passport and visa in 10 days. When he got there; no visa just the passport saying they want more medical evidence. I am disabled and we sent all that information in and now they wanted more. All of it is sent in and still he is not home. His step children miss him alot and want him here he is the only father that they have known. My oldest had a child and was upset that he is not here to share the moments with his new grand daughter and my other daughter will graduate in May and is very upset that there is a possibility that he will not be here to see her walk and get her diploma. Please sign and help him come back faster. Thank you

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