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Don't ban Jose Barro Buelna from the United States and his family!

Jose might have crossed the border many times but he has a family here and he has never been into trouble with the police in the 16 years he has been here. He is a great father to his 3 step daughters and his son. He has been a great husband, and employee. He deserves to be here to help raise his children to see them grow. When we were married the judge said until death do you part not until immigration takes him away. Our children need their father. I need my husband. Jose is still here in the USA but he is wanting to return to Mexico to see his mother who is very sick. Our lawyer told us that if Jose goes to Mexico to the appointment in juarez that he would get a lifetime ban from returning to the USA. Since i have 3 children from a previous marriage I cant live in mexico and if Jose is banned from returning to the USA  I will be without my husband and my children will be without a father. PLEASE HELP US KEEP OUR FAMILY TOGETHER..

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  • President of the USA, Congress, Senators, American Consulate

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