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President of the University of California: Table the Jewish Student Campus Climate Report and Recommendations.

On July 9, the UC President Mark Yudof’s Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion released a report written by Richard D. Barton and Alice Huffman, which aims to describe Jewish life on UC campuses.

Unfortunately, this report fails to meet minimum standards for accuracy and sound methodology and offers only a partial view of Jewish life and culture on UC campuses. The report excludes the experiences and values of many Jewish students who are connected to and critical of the state of Israel; it misrepresents support for Palestinian rights and inquiry into Israeli policy as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic acts; and it suggests, in marked contrast to all available campus life surveys / quantitative evidence, that UC campuses are hostile environments for Jewish students. In short, the report distorts campus life, and it includes recommendations that threaten free speech on campuses.

Please sign this petition to tell President Yudof to disregard the sub-standard and biased report and the poorly considered recommendations that threaten to limit free speech. 

In addition: to read or sign a longer letter that responds to the report in detail, please go here (


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