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To investigate the current problems with the VA, and give veterans world class health care

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The health care system within the VA is not just broken it's corrupt and detrimental to the health and wellbeing of our hero's that have served. The wait times for the most basic of services are almost intolerable and access to the Veterans Choice program is limited. They misdiagnose veterans, or completely ignore medical issues that they find, telling the veteran that they are fine. The doctors that do right by their patients are either overloaded and get burnt out, or they are chased off if they don't follow the "party line." It seems that as the veteran the only way to get anything accomplished is to make call after call, even though the VA staff should be doing the calling and leg work. Most staff are not focused on the veteran's well being, they are more concerned with anything other than the most important thing, which is the Veteran. Not all employees are this way, but in my experience with the VA it seems to be the case. There are issues within the upper management that range from imbezzeling from budgets, falsifying reports to Congress and watchdog organizations, to punishing the health care staff that report anything negative about the VA and the care of our veterans. These staff have been suspended, fired, and even slandered, all because they were fighting for our veterans. The problems within the VA are too numerous to list in this type of medium but Veteran's no matter their status deserve our respect, admiration, and world class health care, for which the VA is failing their veterans.

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Beau Wiley needs your help with “President of the United States: We want you to investigate the VA and change how it gives veterans care by making sure each veteran has access to world class health care. As you said they delivered for their country, it's time for that to be paid back.”. Join Beau and 26 supporters today.