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We need tougher penalties for animal abusers and JUSTICE for abused animals WILD OR DOMESTIC, such as PUPPY DOE.

Animals are people too. They do not have a voice. People who abuse animals should be punished harshers than they are now. They get off light now with community service or very minimal prison time. We need to change the laws so that tougher penalties exist for animal abusers. The minimum penalty for cruelty of any animal Wild or Domestic should be 5-10 years. Medium crimes against animals should be 10-50 years, and the worst cases, life without parole. We need to send a STRONG message that animal abuse will not be taken lightly anymore across the nation. No more FINES and commumity service or short prison sentences for animal abusers. They will serve REAL TIME and REAL AMERICAN JUSTICE. 

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We need tougher penalties for animal abusers and JUSTICE for abused animals WILD OR DOMESTIC, such as PUPPY DOE.

Puppy Doe, like many animals, was brutally abused and tortured by her owners. Puppy Doe died later because they had to put her down (Euthanize).

All too often people who abuse animals get off with little more than a slap on the wrist, much less than the abuse they dished out to the animals they abused.

Often they rarely get prison time, usually a fine or community service. If they get prison time, its usually months or maximum of a year or two. This needs to change. It is a known fact that people who abuse animals have mental issues, and are a danger to society as a whole. They can graduate to harming people and our children. We need to ensure animals, wild and domestic have a voice and that our communities are kept safe by enacting tougher laws and penalties for those who commit violent acts of animal abuse.

I call upon you, our elected officials to enact a new law that will

1.) Create a new registry in all states that Animal Abusers will have to be registered with. Perhaps, abusers will have to stay away from animals, (Similar to child predator laws, and not work or live around animals or neighborhoods with animals). They could wear tracking bracelets that cannot be removed except by police officers, keep track of them better. At the very least some kind of registry should be enacted.

2.) The minimum sentence for ***ANY*** instance of Animal abuse WILD or DOMESTIC should be INCREASED to no less than 5 -10 years MINIMUM without parole for MINOR CASES - and a $5,000-25,000 fine depending ont he circumstance. - ----For the more severe cases - 10-50 years in prison depending on the severity of the case and number of animals involved WILD or DOMESTIC . and a $50,000-$250,000 fine depending on the income of the individual and his/her family. And in the most severe cases a judge could impose a life sentence without parole if it seems justified.

3.) Depending on the severity and # of animals involved WILD or DOMESTIC in the animal torture/abuse case, the law should allow a MAXIMUM sentence of no less than 17 years , and in the most severe cases - 25 to life. Life terms for the most disgusting and severe casesof animal abuse, and for multiple animals involved.

4.) There should be a statute of limitations of 50 years for these laws.

These measures will ensure that people will think twice before abusing animals WILD or DOMESTIC and will be held accountable for their CRIMES.

This law needs to be enacted now.

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