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President of the United States,Vice President of the United States,Members of Congress: Forfeit All Pay & Allowances to families of Fallen Soldiers

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I have started this online petition to share with you my growing disgust with the recent decisions by BOTH political parties. The story broken yesterday, according to NBC News, states that our government refuses to pay a death gratuity to this country’s fallen heroes. No one in this country wishes to ever receive this money; however it is given in order to put the soldier’s affairs in order and to cover many expenses associated with a funeral and travel to meet the body of the fallen. Our men and women in uniform put their lives on the line to protect everyone in this country regardless of their political view. The fact that they could die and you will not allow their beneficiary to receive funds appropriated for them for this very reason is unacceptable and does not correlate with American Values. My fear is that you will lose track of the fallen and their families. They should have never been put in this position. You also have allowed the Veterans Administration to go unfunded, another unacceptable occurrence against the American people and our fighting men and women and all the voters that put you in Washington D.C.


You, our elected representatives are no longer working for us, the American people. You are working for yourselves and your own political agenda. This is unacceptable. No one party deserves all the blame; you are all equally responsible for your actions. I myself am a United States Army Veteran and am disgusted that the Government shutdown has caused this escalation along with many others. I wore the uniform of the United States Army proudly and still would. You degrade the very uniform I wore for four years and that one percent of this population is actively wearing and nine percent of this country’s population has worn at one point of time. I cannot sit idly by while you all refuse to work together and come up with a compromise. It is not a matter of your spending views of what should be funded, your values or morals professional or otherwise. It is a question of working together. You are put in Washington D.C. to work together no matter your political views; not divide yourselves and make the governing of this nation an unachievable task. I believe and hope, regardless of politcal views, most americans will support this petition


I ask that you forfeit all pay and allowances granted to you by the American People until you resolve the issues stated in this letter and our government is fully back online and we have a balanced and approved budget. Give your pay to the people that HAVE earned it.  If the families of our fallen soldiers do not deserve to get paid neither do you. Working for us, your constituents in not a job it is a privilege. You have broken this country’s promise to its service men and women and their families. It is unacceptable.

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