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Veterans are being discriminate against in custody cases in Texas for having disabilities.

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I want to propose a new law that protects Veterans that has disabilities in family court cases or other situations. This new proposition should give better protection to Veterans with disabilities that don’t pose a threat to themselves or others. Also if the Veterans are able to care for themselves and others such as children, spouses, etc., then a Veteran‘s disabilities shouldn’t be used against them as a deciding factor in these types of processing. I don’t want this to happen to another Veteran that served their country for their service to this country is used against them under these conditions.

Here is my story and a letter I wrote to the President , I excluded the other party in question name.

Dear Mr. President Trump

  I can’t wait until the day that you will officially take office and Make America Great Again. I really can use your help. My name is Sagith Senanayake and I’m a Veteran from the United States Marines Corp and I was diagnosed with PTSD because of an event that took place when I couldn’t save the life of a Marine that was getting crush to death by a cannon. I have a part ownership in a small moving company in the city of Houston, TX. I have a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and just about finishing up with my Master of Science in Aeronautics and will be pursuing a PHD right after.

 On August 19, 2016, I had a custody hearing that my attorney filed suit against the other party for our two boys ages five and three. The evidence that I presented to the court was based on the fact that she was planning to take our boys out the country by falsifying documents to obtain passports illegally for the boys. The other party made claims of this through text messages to the man she was having an affair with. The other party also has a history of this from their last marriage as well as neglect, abuse, and child abandonment from their other three kids that she haven’t seen in years. My PSTD and service to this great country was used against me and I lost custody of my kids. I absolutely have no history of violence with my PTSD and this lawyer that took my money and advantage of me, didn’t even defend me like he should or even looked out for my interests. I brought this up to his attention after the fact and his firm agreed to drop any balance that I owed because they acknowledge his incompetence.

  Since the day the kids been with the other party, they have been having serious behavior problems that are very disturbing. My five year old had over 80 incidents in school ranging from cursing the teacher, spitting on the kids and teachers, knocking over desks and destroying school property,  trying to stab other kids, being physically restrained and trying to mutilate his own self by cutting out his tongue. He only has been in kindergarten for four months. He is also falling asleep for hours almost every day at school as well. In the middle of October, we had a meeting at school about his behavior and my suggestions for evaluation for childhood trauma was completely shut down by the other party and she order for our son to be place in a program to see if he can be placed in special education. The other party refused and neglected to seek out medical treatment on the other party own until I took action, given the extended period of time that I would have with them during the Christmas break.

  I had the kids over for the Christmas Holidays and my five year old started waking up four to five times a night screaming in terror. I brought him to a specialist for child’s neurology and they said that he is having sleep terror and a high severe case of sleep deprivation. I informed the other party about it and she is not in compliance with the doctor’s recommendation. I have informed the school and now I’m waiting for the right response from them in how they are going to handle this matter.

 The main problem that I have is that I served my country and I’m an outstanding citizen with no criminal record who also provides services to my community and created jobs for individuals who can’t get hired anywhere else. This situation with my kids has really hurt my business and my personal life because I believed without a shadow of a doubt that the other party is mentally unstable to make important decisions that would be in the best interests of our children. I have a very deep concerned for their future under the other party’s care. I can’t sleep at night because my boys are suffering and not getting the care that they need. How can someone with that kind of background of neglecting and abandoning children that’s NOT EVEN A U.S .CITIZEN get more rights than a person like me who served this country with great pride in a court of law?

Upon Request, I will provide all supporting document to these claims and more.

Thank you, Mr. President



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