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Urgently needing 1000 signatures to help stop the deportation and save the life of an Iraqi Jewish Christian from being deported anyday from the United States back to Iraq. 

  Recently an agreement was made by Donald Trumps administration with Iraq for all illegal Iraqis living in America with criminal records to be deported back to Iraq. When I.C.E. detained over 100 of them they detained a man named Khalid Wahab who has lived in the United States for 36 years. Kal is a Jew by blood and Christian by faith and has faithfully reported to I.C.E., but since having felonies from when he was previously on drugs over 15 years ago, he could not get citizenship. Kal has not been in any trouble since the days he was on drugs. Kal is married, and has a daughter who was born and raised here in the US along with a grandchild. He faithfully serves the homeless community in Denver, along with his wife, while both caring for two elderly women who are disabled. He is an asset and blessing to our community.
  If he is sent back to Iraq, his name has already been circulated on a list by radicals to be executed for betraying the Muslim religion which his family was forced into many years ago or they would have executed them as Jews. Their last name before having to change it was Ben Yosef. They have already taken him to Arizona and he is set to be deported any day. He has no family in Iraq, only death awaiting him.
  We are not a country to send someone who is a blessing to our community back to be executed by radicals. It's not who we are as a nation.
  I am asking for full support in signing this petition to get the attention of our President, Vice President and government officials. Kal is on the list to be executed upon arrival in Iraq, he has medical issues and he has nowhere safe to stay upon returning to Iraq. This is urgent and we need to get the support from our government to save Kal’s life.