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Most people know there are injustices in the world, not many know the injustices that are taking place in our prison system or that in essence "BOP" (Bureau of Prison) is systematically killing prisoners that don't "conform" to their guidelines.

I know you probably wonder why this effects you and why should you sign this.

 Everyone is entitled to basic human right and when someone is being denied health care and is murdered by A prison system , this should scare you and want you to help stop anymore men from being murdered senselessly and by all rights needlessly.

There are men in prison right now being denied basic rights to mail and phone calls, think about that! If you have or had a loved one (or never have had anyone you know) in prison and you could not communicate with them, how would that make them and you feel? Not to good I can assure you.

 Gary Lee Yarbrough was a prisoner In https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/flm/ it is called the "Alcatraz of the Rockies". 

 There was no specific reason he was in here, other than he angered some people by standing by his convictions. 

 Now whether you agree with his convictions or not, the injustices this man dealt with should outrage you on a basic human level. 

 Mr. Yarbrough had some medical issues that could have simply been taken care of, instead they were ignored until they killed him.

I have taken the liberty to share some of his health issues, so that you may see what this man endured.


Now I know some of you may think " He was a prisoner, he deserved this, or why should I care about someone locked up" I want you to think about you having a loved one getting locked up and then kept like an animal for many years all because they had a different point of view than someone else. Would that make you happy? I think not.

 This man deserved to go home to his family, not die chained to a bed like an animal.

 He had cataracts (easy fix, was never addressed) hemochromotosis (easy fix, was done rarely, when it should have been done once a month.) Sleep apnea (denied a basic c-pap machine to help him breath) When he finally was given minimal health care it was discovered that his stomach was full of cancerous tumors that killed him within a month.

 If this does not outrage you enough to sign this you should look at yourself and wonder why you have no empathy or compassion for your fellow man.