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Help People with Cancer Afford to Live

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How much would you pay for yourself or someone you love to live?

That question is one many cancer patients have to face. The financial burdens of cancer are daily struggles for cancer patients and their families. It is heartbreaking to hear the financial struggles that cancer can cause...


  • I would have had to live to 198 years old to pay my bill in full with what I can afford to pay, and I have AARP and Medicare. 
  • I now have prescriptions that cost $900-$1000 a month.
  • I had to short sale my home. Only thing I own now is my car.
  • First time I paid $8,000, second time $12.000 and this last time $7,000. I'm still paying the bills off.
  • I had great insurance, some $6,000 in co-pays, a total of $114,000 for surgeries and treatment… our home went into foreclosure and I ended up standing in line at the food bank.
  • I lost my apartment… was homeless for two weeks in a motel with my dog. I now rent a room with 3 other people (all of whom were strangers before I moved in),
  • My insurance did not cover for chemo or radiation plus 20% of hospital fee! We ended up owing over $200,000 (and) remortgage the house.
  • Cost me everything, my 401k, my savings and constant copay to the cardiologist, oncologist and the pharmacy.
  • Treatment costs are Upwards of $40,000...14 months of treatment. Over $99,000 in 2 1/2 years with a PPO insurance, $24,000 and stopped counting, $65,000+, and the costs keep on going.
  • Financially, I have nothing left.


People have lost their homes, cars, and livelihoods. No one should have to lose their standard of living because of cancer. Instead of living under the financial stress of cancer, they should be focusing on their health. 

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To determine the changes needed information was compiled based on talks, texts, and emails of cancer patients. Based on the information provided there were a number of ways to help alleviate the financial burdens of people fighting cancer.


1. To reduce the medication costs for cancer or cancer-related illnesses.

2. To establish an insurance standard to cover the costs of medically necessary items or care for cancer or cancer-related illnesses.

3. To reduce the medical tax deduction rate.

4. For Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to better recognize cancer and cancer-related illnesses as a disability, if medically deemed.

5. For SSD and SSI to develop a special circumstance clause that allows people to receive financial assistance when an unforeseen medical illness causes disability even if they have not worked the required number of years (SSD) and make over the annual income limit (SSI). 


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Please show your support of reducing the costs of cancer by signing the petition now or if interested in more information about the 5 changes then read on…

1.       Cancer medications are very expensive.

The medications, scans, and testing costs should be reduced to ensure that all people have access to medical care. Each of these are medically necessary to monitor one's health. No one should be given or denied the ability to fight and live based on their socio-economic status. Cancer does not discriminate and neither should we.

2.       Continuing costs of cancer or cancer-related illness medically necessary items are very expensive.

The cost of continued care, treatment, procedures, therapy, garments, machines, and other medically necessary items are needed for cancer and post-cancer illnesses. The cost to continue living is expensive. These reoccurring costs can be financially devastating. The medications, treatments, and scans should be reduced so that continued care can be achieved.

In addition, specialty garments (including compression garments, specialty underwear, or other self-care equipment) and occupational/physical/speech therapy should be covered under insurance. Not participating in these regular high-cost treatments can cause a person to prevent self-health maintenance which will negatively affecting their health.

3.       The current medical tax deduction rate is not properly helping people with chronic illnesses.

Medical expenses are only deductible to the extent that they exceed 10% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). That rate is too high. Many cancer and cancer-related illness patients are paying at least that amount not just one year, but for many years. There should be some relief for those continued medical burdens and financial costs. The best way to do that is to reduce the medical tax deduction rate.

4.       Cancer and cancer-related illness can be disabling.

The Social Security Disability (SSD) parameters should better recognize cancer as a disability. In addition, permanent life-long illness (lymphedema, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, etc.) that are caused from cancer treatment should also be considered as a disability when medically deemed. The symptoms and side effects can be chronic for many people. Cancer and cancer-related illnesses cause daily struggles and debilitating side effects.

5.       Cancer and cancer-related illnesses were unforeseen circumstances that can create unemployment or negatively affect the person’s standard of living.

SSD should recognize that people with cancer or cancer-related illnesses are because of a disability. The length of employment prior to treatment should not be a reason to deny them assistance. Many cancer patients are young or have been raising children instead of working, but those factors should not prevent them from getting assistance. There should be a special circumstance clause that allows people to receive financial assistance from SSD when an unforeseen medical illnesses cause a disability.

Currently, SSI has an income limit of $733 per month for an individual and $1,100 per month for a couple in 2015. That means that an individual has to make less than $8,796 a year and a couple (even a family) has to make less than $13,200.

Those numbers are less than what most people will pay for cancer treatment and would not support that ability to purchasing necessary cancer-related medical items. There should be a more realistic increased limit income (that also includes if children are living at home) to receive financial assistance from SSI when an unforeseen medical disability occurs.


Please sign this petition so that we can change the financial burdens of cancer.

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We all have been affected by cancer in some way. We are usually focused on education, treatment, and surviving, but we forget about the financial effects of cancer.

"Getting cancer is one of the worst economic things that can happen to you in the United States.”

The costs of cancer and cancer-related illnesses can be financially devastating. It does not necessarily matter whether a person has or does not have insurance, the multitude of costs can be overwhelming. And having insurance does not mean that the costs are affordable.


About Me:

As a cancer survivor and now sufferer of cancer-related illnesses I know the reality of how expensive surviving is. While I am grateful to be alive, I still facing what seem like never-ending costs. I am one of many. I have fewer costs than many. I have greater costs than many. And there are so many people facing long term financial hardship due to treatment and post-treatment medical care.


Quote by Peter Bach, MD – Epidemiologist Memorial Sloan Kettering, as Seen in Ken Burns’ Documentary: Cancer, ‘Emperor of All Maladies’

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