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To Everyone,


We need to address our addiction to cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices before the health and wellness of this nation and world is beyond repair.  Too many people have symptoms and chronic health problems that are exclusively the result of an overload of wireless radiation.  This radiation uses the same or similar frequencies as microwave ovens.  Cancers, tumors and chronic health problems are on the rise.  These are byproducts from the rise in the emissions of manmade wireless radiation. These health problems will continue to increase and become more devastating the longer we refuse to acknowledge and accept the truth and facts about the harmful effects from all this wireless radiation.

We can be technologically advanced with landline phones, fiber optic internet, etc… just like Hérouville Saint Clair, France where their mayor is removing all forms of wireless and installing fiber optic wiring and the citizens absolutely love it.  Therefore, we must ask ourselves, “Is it worth the wait?”  Millions of people will be irreversibly harmed even unto death by wireless radiation if we continue down this path.  Or, are we going to heed lessons learned from the cigarette industry and do as Hérouville Saint Clair, France?  Are we going to make sure we set up preventative measures and safe havens for everyone before there is a global epidemic to wireless radiation that will be far worse than the Black Plague?

I am one of thousands who have become a victim of wireless radiation.  I once believed in the hype you hear from politicians, doctors, media, and the wireless industry that wireless is harmless.  This is not truth!  Where are the facts that support this?  There isn’t any.  I learned this the hard way and I want to prevent others from traveling the same path that I currently am forced to travel.    

I have 24 ailments to wireless radiation and I currently prefer not to seek medical help on most of them.  What’s the use?  When others before me, including my own mother, get treated with disrespect and discriminated against by the American medical field.  When these people bring up radiation from electronic devices that communicate wirelessly, the medical field refuses to acknowledge this and properly address this by, “providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights.”  This is stated in the Principles of Medical Ethics revised and adopted by the AMA House of Delegates (June 17, 2001) written within the first bullet.  It seems like those in the medical field that do try to acknowledge this truth are silenced, pushed out of the field of medicine, and/or have their medical experiences tarnished all for big corporate greed.

Politicians refuse to acknowledge or even address the issue for they have their hands deep within this industry’s pockets.  They do not want to own up to the destruction of millions of people’s lives because they passed legislation in support of wireless companies.  Plus, our media neglects to bring forth truth and facts about wireless radiation and the harmful effects it causes everyone and everything, especially the young, our future generations.

This neglect and disrespect for people who are currently suffering with chronic health problems and sensitivities because of the damage that has been done to them because of wireless radiation makes one feel as if politicians, doctors, and media don’t care.  In fact, encourages them to not come forward by not corresponding in return or passing the buck.  This form of shunning encourages one that suicide is the better option because absolutely no one cared to listen to truth and facts.   This philosophy of not really listening to ALL citizens by our politicians, doctors and media has gone on far too long!

The wireless industries power control of providing under the table financing just like the cigarette companies did, must stop!  We need to hold our politicians, doctors and media accountable to us.  They are responsible to us.  If we continue to do nothing, we are playing a role in our own devastation.  Therefore, we must act NOW before it is far too late to reverse the damages done by wireless radiation.    

I have proposed ten possible solutions to this problem or ways to help alleviate the problem for everyone including those who currently suffer.  I encourage you to ask yourself, “Do I have noticeable symptoms when I am around wireless devices that I do not have when I am away from it?” or “Do I have health issues that arise a day or two after exposure?”  If so, maybe you feel and believe the same way but you thought you were alone.  The truth and fact is that you are not alone.  That is what the wireless industry wants you to believe and because our politicians are receiving big money from the industry they are refusing to do what is right which ultimately adds to the problem such as why our media is not reporting on the truth and facts and our doctors are not openly acknowledging truth and facts.  It will take ‘we the people’ in a country that is built on ‘we the people.’  If this describes you, let’s come together and be heard by signing the petition that follows!     

Maybe you currently do not feel the damaging effects wireless radiation is currently having on your body.  Don’t let this fool you into thinking that this doesn’t pertain to you.  In due time, your body will say ‘enough is enough’ and then you’ll wish you did something when you still had your health.  Once your health has been seriously affected, you can’t go back and regain what you lost and to know that it all could have been prevented.  That is why this is so important.  Let your voice be heard now before it’s too late for you and your health by joining us in signing the following petition. 

Do you know someone who currently suffers due to wireless radiation, a family member, a friend, a co-worker, etc.?  Would you like to help them?  Give this information to them so they can join us.  Give this to anyone and everyone whether they currently suffer due to wireless radiation or not, because in time they will.   

This petition expresses that we would like to see something done about the massive amount of wireless radiation that is being emitted into our atmosphere and the following ten possible solutions should be seriously considered and acted upon by the government.   Every person should have the right to choose whether or not they want to live a life with or without manmade wireless radiation.  Right now, we have no choice.

Let us all stand up and let us protect the health of future generations from wireless radiation!




Matt Huck

CEO – Truth & Facts Never Lie


Truth & Facts Never Lie 2016 Petition

We live in the times of technology where we have so much available to us.  We have become addicted to wireless technology.  It has taken over our daily lives.  The era of having conversations over a family meal have been replaced by smiley faces and emoji’s.  We need to address our addiction to cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices before the health and wellness of this nation is beyond repair.  Too many people have symptoms and chronic health problems that are exclusively the result of wireless radiation including young children and adolescents.  This radiation uses the same or similar frequencies as microwave ovens.  Cancers, tumors and chronic health problems are on the rise.  These are byproducts of the rise in manmade wireless radiation. This must stop!

Due to the failure of not being properly informed about the dangers of wireless technology, big corporations are greatly profiting at the expense of people’s health and well-being, in which I am now one.  I am not the only one who suffers from this.  I have met and read testimonies of many people who suffer due to this new form of communication and the lies we were told in regards to it being safe. 

Therefore, we the people are proposing the government put the following measures into action:

1.      Stop the “Spectrum Frontiers” agenda until further research has been done that proves without a shadow of a doubt that all forms of wireless is safe, for even a government study showed that cell phones do create cancer.  The $25 million US National Toxicology Program (NTP) study “showed statistically significant increases in cancer among rats that had been exposed to GSM or CDMA signals for two years.” -

2.      Set up congressional standards that are updated to the current times of technology and not overly outdated.  Our current standards for wireless radiation is set on the premise of thermal properties.  Studies after studies have shown that radiation damage can be created within what is considered as non-thermal.  Whether it is thermal or non-thermal, radiation is radiation and should be treated like radiation.  We need standards on all levels of man-made radiation to protect natural radiation found in the environment naturally as well as to protect the health and well-being of the planet at all levels.

3.      American doctors need to be trained in diagnosing individuals whose health has been affected by wireless radiation and diagnose them as such.  Currently people are not being truthfully diagnosed and their health problems are not being truthfully addressed.  Our medical field must begin to ask additional questions at each doctor visit to help provide a well-rounded knowledge of a person’s ailments.  Questions like:

a.       Do you use wireless devices or live near cell towers and antennas?

b.      Does your home have any smart appliances, GPS devices or a smart meter?

c.       List all wireless devices you are around?

d.      Do you have these devices at home and/or work?

e.       How close are you to these devices?

f.       How many hours a day are you around wireless devices, cell towers and antennas?

g.      Do your symptoms occur when you are around these?

h.      Do any of these symptoms occur later after being exposed?  How much later?

4.      Demand that mainstream media educate the public and quit being bullied in to expressing only the big corporation’s agenda.  It has been proven that the average US citizens are not happy with the big corporations and want a change.  Mainstream media needs to report the truth and facts in regards to wireless devices and quit playing word games with the public.  I value freedom of speech but the mainstream media has no right to manipulate words to prevent people from gaining knowledge about wireless radiation.  Especially when that knowledge of wireless devices have already been proven that it destroys human DNA, female mitochondria, produces cancers, leukemia, and many, many other medical conditions too numerous to list on one page.

5.      Establish support groups to help those who are suffering from Microwave Sickness and provide disability payments to all who have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Microwave Sickness, Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) sufferers including those who have been denied disabilities to these ailments.  This should also be extended to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) sufferers as well for in some cases one created the other.  For science continues to exponentially prove that all these conditions exist and are rapidly growing. 

6.      Demand employers to make their places of employment an actual Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) for everyone.  Right now employers in this nation are not EOE by definition for they fail to have safe working environments for people with Microwave Sickness.  Employers bring in wireless devices sacrificing quality and health of their workers.  If people are not healthy to be able to work then America will never be on top in this new worldwide economy.  There needs to be new standards that prohibit employers from discriminating against people with Microwave Sickness and EHS.  The progress of this nation’s businesses lie with a healthy work force.

7.      Produce and promote safe technology.  Technology that does not destroy life but helps promote and sustain it.  Provide funding that helps engineers and developers to build these technologies.  One way to provide funds will be through fines given to companies that do not provide “safe, clean, and healthy” technology.  Safe and clean for the environment by not putting toxins into it like wireless radiation, and sustains people’s health and doesn’t destroy human life.

8.      Promote wired technology in our education system.  The youth are developing irreversible health conditions and there are numerous studies that have proven that radiation from wireless devices among our youth creates damage to their health that will be with them for their entire life.  Forcing our youth to use devices that damage their health and their life should be a criminal offense and all parties involved in bringing in these wireless technologies into our nation’s schools and universities should be held accountable for the destruction it causes in these young people’s lives. Studies have already proven that wired, fiber optic technology is far safer, more reliable, and faster than its wireless counterparts.  Other studies have proven that students that do not have wireless devices in their curriculum have better test results and are healthier than schools that have implemented wireless devices.  Ban wireless from schools and universities and put in technology that is safe and has been proven safe.

9.      Provide absolute quiet zones in all 50 states for people to live that are sensitive and are not able to live with wireless technology.  These quiet zones need to be set up so they have areas that are free from manmade wireless radiation.  This includes but is not limited to global Wi-Fi, Satellite Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Mi-Fi, Cell Towers, Antennas, Cell Phones, Bluetooth, Smart meters, etc… 

10.  Last proposal I ask is that US and State congress men and women sit down with a handful of us who suffer from this with your electronic devices turned off and listen to our stories.  The stories from all of us, including those of us that cannot come out of our neck of the woods due to all the wireless devices.  I, without a shadow of a doubt, believe that every news outlet across this nation has an individual or a group of people tucked away who suffer from this within the range of their over the air broadcast system.  I would talk to any politician, doctor, or the media who is going to listen to my story and tell the story as it is and not doctor it up to please the big corporations or hide the truth.  I would like to challenge doctors, the media, and politicians to this proposal, for I know in America there is at least one person who suffers from wireless radiation in every state who now lives secluded, a direct result from the massive proliferation of radiation now being emitted into our atmosphere from the massive increase in wireless devices.


In conclusion, wireless radiation may not be affecting your daily life right now, but in time your health will ultimately surrender to the continuous onslaught of radiation it is currently being forced to deal with.  Therefore, we need these safety measures to help prevent unnecessary health problems and death, which will ultimately cost us dearly.  Wireless radiation works in the same concept as a toxin or a drug and doctors need to acknowledge this.  Would a doctor prescribe you two drugs that don’t work with each other which will kill you?  I would hope not. So, why are they now prescribing drugs and vaccines without any concern about the massive amount of wireless radiation that is currently invading the body?  I am a human being, a United States citizen, an active registered voter, and I want my voice and many others in this great country of ours who suffer illnesses from manmade radiation to be heard and our lives as well as future lives to be safe and free from massive amounts of manmade radiation.


Truth & Facts Never Lie

373 Troy Street

Onalaska, WI 54650-2204

(Mail signed petitions to the above address.)



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