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Clemency approval to release my mom Tonya Johnson Hyles.

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I am asking for my mom to be released from prison and not come out of prison in a casket. On October 13, 2006 my mom was convicted with conspiracy of murder and was sentenced to LIFE without possibility of parole on January 9, 2007. I was only 10yrs old when i witnessed in the courtroom as my mom life was basically taken away. My mom has 4 children whom ages were 13, 12, 10 and 7yrs old at the time. My mom was a great mother and great person and does no deserve to die in prison. I talk to my mom all the time and still share that bond with her while she's in prison. This has impacted me and my siblings life. With me being the only girl she has i shared a very close relationship with my mom. I've had alot of trouble with going on with my life since i have been without my mom. I am now 20yrs old and i still have hope that the next time i see my mom it will not be in a casket. My mom deserves to get a chance at life and to be able to show what great person she. My mom has grand-children now that she has never met. My mom was working as a nurse for her career and had never been in any trouble and then all of a sudden her whole life is taken away from her. She was offered 6yrs to take a plea but instead since she took the case to trial and was found guilty she was given life without parole (the maximum sentence) because of that. I understand this has been a crime committed that she was convicted of but the life sentence is such harsh punishment to receive . A few co-conspirators were not charged with the crime after they testified against my mom. She did not hurt anyone physically with her hands. This conviction has been made all by a he say she say determination. A murderer was never found or convicted for the crime but conspiracy appears to be so simple to win a case over without any physical evidence so they went after my mom with what they didn't have to provide hard evidence for. Conspiring to an act is basically knowing about the act in which how can anyone ever know what my mom really knew in regards to this crime that she has been convicted of. My mom has served 10yrs on October 2016 in which she has did more years of the time that she was offered to do by the prosecutor in exchange of her taking a plea. I am asking for the my mom not to die in prison and to please be released to come home with her family so that she can continue to be the great person everyone knows of her to be. Please don't make my mom die in prison.

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