Time Cut for Felix Trujillo, over sentenced due to media attention

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My husband Felix Trujillo is serving a 35-year sentence. He is 29 years old has 4 kids and a step son that need their father. He comes from a big loving support family. Felix is such an intelligent, creative, admirable, big hearted man. Felix is very passionate about his future. Instead of letting all this time get to him Felix has used his time to better himself with education.

Felix was given 24 years for a robbery that he tried to stop which he was unsuccessful. The 4 men that committed the robbery were housed together that later agreed to cooperate with authorities to say Felix was the mastermind (not true) so they could receive less time.

Felix was given 35 years for distribution. Prior to the robbery Felix was a camera planted by an informant introducing 2 men doing a drug transaction. Felix is clearly on the screen saying he has no interest in the substance. Felix never receives any money or drugs for transaction. Well being held for the robbery they hit him with a C.O.C.C.A for this transaction.

Felix was given 10 years for walking out of the jail for 3 days before he turned himself in with the help of his uncle to assure his safety. Due to all the high media and high profile of the escape Felix was never offered any leniency in any case and instead was over sentenced.

We are asking President Trump for a time cut. I'm seeking compassion for my husband. Felix takes responsibility for walking out of the jail. My life can't be complete until my husband is home. He does all he can to be active in our life's and never let’s go of faith. He has had several obstacles since being sentenced. With the biggest factor being he is a state inmate who was moved to the federal system and do to the media it has put his life at a high risk. Felix has improved his mind, body and soul well being in there. Please give my husband a chance at less time. We thank you for your time and support.