The Siskiyou Peaks National Scenic Trail

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Long-distance hiking on National Scenic Trails is becoming more and more popular. With access to natural features and jaw-dropping scenery, it's no surprise. National Scenic Trails call to people of all walks of life. When it comes to hiking these kinds of trails many users are simply seeking one thing: physical challenge. But despite how challenging it can be to hike a long-distance trail in one continuous go, it's equally just as easy to enjoy it for the weekend, the day, or even for an hour.

What I'm proposing here is a new kind of adventure that I think should be included in the National Scenic Trail System. It's equal in grandeur to the currently designated trails yet is greater in other aspects. To begin, The Siskiyou Peaks Trail is much more abundant when it comes to food, which is the #1 topic on-trail for hikers.

Each town visited by The Siskiyou Peaks Trail has a weekly Farmer's Market during summer, a rarity among resupply towns along any current National Scenic Trail. These local markets sustain family farms and serve outlining rural communities. Jackson County, Oregon - where The Siskiyou Peaks Trail begins - is a certified non-gmo county and is a major provider of 4-season agriculture and farming products to the rest of the US and beyond. This region is undoubtedly at the forefront of organic agriculture yet also offers adventure tourism options for visitors to the area. 

The Siskiyou Peaks Trail visits the highest peak in 7 wilderness areas. From them, many of these food-producing farms can be seen. As hikers on this trail eat, they will not only be replenished nutritionally, but will also be given a sense of connection to where their food is coming from. This is important because when they return home from this trail, an incredible pilgrimage that will attract adventurers from around the world, they will surely do so with a new food-consciousness. 

Because habitats along most National Scenic Trails provide little to no food for the hikers on it, countless dollars are spent on synthetic, unnatural foods that often leave these hikers inflamed and in pain before they've reached the end of it. On The Siskiyou Peaks Trail however, hikers can have a grand hike - going to heights of over 14,000ft - and experience that same sense of outdoor community and raw physical challenge as they would on other NST trails, but can instead shop at Farmer's Markets, Co-ops, and local Natural Food Stores along the way.

Send a message to the world that the US honors outdoor adventure; plus supports American farmers, sustainable agriculture, and user health by expanding the National Scenic Trail System and officially designating Aria Zoner's The Siskiyou Peaks Trail as a National Scenic Trail - highlighting these special places and the farmers that surround them.

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