The first 3 shots fired by law enforcement officers should be rubber bullets saving lives.

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It seems that far too often there's a news cycle reporting about someone that has a fatal encounter with a law enforcement officer by choosing to not cooperate with or challenging them or trying to run in which they ultimately get shot.

If these individuals are shot with rubber bullets, this greatly increases their chances of survivability. This gives the officers a chance to engage in a less than lethal intervention by reassessing the situation after the those 3 shots are fired. Being shot with rubber bullets is certainly more than enough to subdue someone as they are not likely to know the difference and gives them a chance to comply. 

If the situation warrants further policing action, then the officer can just continue discharging the weapon without any other further steps required, but just maybe the first 3 shots are enough to make a difference. 

This first 3 law can save a countless amount of lives and heartache by both parties. Any chance to save a life should be considered.

Please sign this petition to get our commander-in-chief and all law enforcement and policing officials to make this life saving change happen. Thank you.