That black people in America will stop being a target for their police force

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I would like for there to be less black people in America as Targets for the Police Officers! My close friend lives in an area with mainly white people and her family is stopped almost everyday just cause they are BLACK! and they have been living there for a really long time.

I personally believe this is unjust and unfair that we, black people cannot live a free life without worrying about ‘police officers’. My father got pulled over for absolutely no reason whatsoever in Miami, Florida! They say America is really great and it’s not that racist, but why are black people being targeted for things they haven’t done? If you think of it when a white or other race person breaks a light they get a warning (if it’s their first time) but if it’s a black persons first time breaking a light majority of the time.... you will get a ticket.

Now I’m not saying we are always good because I mean some of us that have been arrested were in the wrong. I’m also not saying that white people and others never get any of these things happening to them. What I am trying to say is that.... this has happened so frequently to black people and no one is really expressing their point about it �✊�✊�✊�✊�

I hope I didn’t offend anyone but I really had to get this off of my chest. I also know that there are more pressing matters on this site at the moment but I’d appreciate it if you spread this. 
Thanks �

ps: I’m a 12 year old