Take action to free LEAH SHARIBU from captivity of terrorists

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Leah Sharibu was taken into captivity by Boko Haram terrorists at age 14 and is still in captivity today. Her village, Dapchi, in Northern Nigeria was attacked on February 19th, 2018. Leah was captured from her school and brought into captivity along with over 100 other girls. One month later, the girls were released, but Leah was kept in bondage, because of her refusal to convert to Islam and renounce her Christian faith. 

This young girl's act of bravery and integrity has inspired many people. She stood up for her religious beliefs, even when faced with danger and captivity. 

The Nigerian Government, the United States Government, the United Nations, and other world governments need to take action and do more in efforts to free Leah. February 19th marks one year that Leah has been in captivity. We demand freedom for this young girl.

Please sign this petition and share it on social media to gain awareness for Leah. With enough signatures, we can get world governments involved to begin taking action to free Leah Sharibu. #FreeLeah #BringLeahBack

To learn more about Leah Sharibu and how you can help, visit Leah-Foundation.org.