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Mr. President Trump, DACA it's a very important executive order that needs to be a law to protect kids from returning back to their countries. Here is my argument on this.
1. You are sending back kids that followed our laws and are going to college and university, kids that are not part of the gangs, kids that will succeed in this country and help us as a nation to succeed.
2. You will send them back to a country that has nothing to offer them. Can't protect them from crimes, can't protect them from been kidnapped and killed.
3. You will only give them two choices when they get back to some countries, get killed by gangs or join them and send them back to us one way or another but now they will be part of the gangs.

4. The cost of deporting the kids that's been in this country since babies. 

At the end of the day Mr. President remember if your own family never got a chance to come to America, to succeed here, to give you a better life, then where would you be now? I understand that there is the right way and the wrong way to come to the US, but understand that most people don't have a choice to get here the right way. The situations in their countries are different from country to country, as a parent I would do anything to give my daughter a better life.
I was lucky that I came to US when I was under 18 because my father came and got me out of Romania after the revolution, but make no mistake if was not for the revolution I already knew that once I turn 18 I would had crossed the boarder in to former Yugoslavia and find my want to the states.
Sometimes we need to understand that we are taking for granted what we have here in the US. We forgot that someone in our family came to this country from another country to give us a better life. Why are you taking the dreams of those people? Why not just go after the criminals , gang members and drug dealers, mafia and cartel members? Leave the good people alone and give them the green card.
Mr. President not all people are bad people, not every person it's a doctor material but we are humans that needs a chance in life, need to have a dream and you will take that dream away. We have bigger problem in this world that we need to focus on. Let's focus on peace and love not on war and hate.
Mr. President please listen to the people that wants peace and love, not to the greedy that wants war and hate. We are all Americans and we need to help others. Been an American it's helping those that can't help their selfs. Please let's sit down and talk about this. I would be more than happy to sit down with you and talk about this. Let's make that happen.You got to make your post public. #defendDACA #defendDreamers #resist

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