Stronger Gun laws

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Recently, there has been a shooting in Florida. There were 17 victims in this horrific event. These victims were young, innocent people. Many died because they were saving their own classmates or students. This event effected so many people, many who lost their close friends and family in this act of terror. No one deserves to go through what these people had to. We have to take control, otherwise things like these will only continue to happen. These events have happen in the past countless times, 30 of which have been this year as of February. We MUST do something about these gun laws. Incredibly dangerous weapons are EASILY falling into the hands of the wrong people. They are in the hands of regular civilians, rather than the officials and military where they belong.  They are being used for the wrong reasons, they are supposed to defend us from harm not kill innocent people. We can no longer stand by and watch these things happen or wait for someone else to speak up. We Can’t JUST offer our prayers for the families, but USE OUR VOICES AND BE HEARD! Our government must take action. There needs to be change in our laws if we want to feel safer in our communitys. We NEED to fight for stronger gun laws, so things like this CANNOT happen. Our Future Children SHOULD be able to feel safe. If we don’t start taking a stand now, will we ever? If we don’t set an example For our future, who will? SIGN THIS PETITION SO WE CAN ALL BE SAFE FROM GUN VIOLENCE!