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Stop vandalizing and tearing down confederate statues

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Confederate statues are being tore down and vandalized under U.S. public law 85-425, section 410 this is illegal, and I would like this law enforced. My grandfather General Andrew Lewis fought in the Indian French War, the Mexican War, and the American Civil War. He has statues that were built in honor of his bravery, along with many other brave men that have statues built in their honor. These men gave their life's to protect what they felt was right and just. Their graves and monuments were built in their honor, and are protected by public law put in place in 1948. This law states that they are American war heroes. The same as the war heroes in World War I , World War II, the Vietnam War, and all other wars. These monuments are being tore down, vandalized, taken down, and hidden from the public view. This disrespects my last name Lewis, and the names of other brave men who gave their life's on American soil. In my eyes this is the most disrespectful act I have ever witnessed. It makes me sad to say that I am an American, when the American government would allow such a heinous act to take place with a law in tact that is supposed to protect our honor, and keep these heinous acts from being performed against these great men.

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