Stop the war in Syria, at least for children

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War...started in Syria. This is not the matter of some countries like USA and Russia who wants to show their power. This is the matter of those children who had to go to school and play happily. But what's happening is different - they are being played by Terrorists, President of Syria,USA,Russia,IRAN,IRAQ.

Yeah...this can be stopped by United Nations which has complete power to do so. But it did not do anything in the last 8 years since the war has started why? Because those countries have SPECIAL power in UN ?

All UN have to do is implement some sanctions on those countries who directly involve in this kind of war, send UN Peace keepers to restore peace in Syria and some extra measures. Yeah, this might sound simple but it's not...Every thing is possible for UN.

Please Sign the petition until it reaches those War heads

At least for children,for those little innocent faces, Stop this War.