Stop the US-Mexico Border Wall

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Building a border wall will have disastrous effects. The construction will be extremely expensive because of the amount of concrete and steel needed to span the entire length of the US-Mexico border, as well as the labor costs and the construction of roads needed to carry the supplies. Upkeep of the wall will also be a major expense. Building the wall will destroy the habitats of many different indigenous animals. Even if the wall does get built, it will not be effective enough in stopping illegal border crossings to make it worth the cost. Donald Trump himself said in a campaign speech that the wall could be overcome by a simple rope. Many undocumented immigrants overstay given visas and never illegally cross the border, rendering the border wall obsolete.  

The idea of a border wall is not new. The Soviet Union unsuccessfully tried to divide Berlin with a wall in 1961, and it was torn down in 1989. Having a border wall will have the same result as it did almost 30 years ago. We can not let President Trump divide us from our Mexican neighbors and one of our largest trade partners.

Immigrants have been proven to benefit the economy, increase income, and create jobs for all Americans, contrary to popular belief. The agriculture industry has trouble finding workers, a job tailored to immigrants, so allowing immigration from Mexico will help boost the farming industry. Immigration is also linked to increased multiculturalism in society.

There are endless benefits to immigration, and signing this petition is the first step in protecting immigrants who have worked so hard to escape violence and have a better life in America. The United States was founded by immigrants, and is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. It would be hypocritical to not allow immigrants to come to America or not give them a chance to be a part of society. Immigrants deserve a place in a culture founded by immigrants, and we can start by stopping the building of the wall.

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