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PREVENT and STOP the Congressional Shutdowns

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It's obvious to every American citizen that these Government Shutdowns by either party are not in the best interests of our Country.

WHEREAS, the 535 elected Federal Government Representatives in the House and Senate have taken upon themselves to shut down (full or partial) the Federal Government of the United States of America; and

WHEREAS, this governmental shutdown affects millions and millions of American citizens that they purport to represent; and

WHEREAS, this encourages diminished morale and added financial hardships among America’s servicemen and women and Border Security personnel by withholding their salaries during the shutdown; and

WHEREAS, this withholding of America’s military and Border Security personnel adversely affects the security of Country; and

WHEREAS, this particular action in January 2018 is a “means to an end” that is based on unlawful immigration into our Country, which may or may not be the same basis included in future potential shutdowns; and

WHEREAS, both houses of Congress have habitually attached riders, earmarks, etc. to appropriation bills; and

WHEREAS, any of the 535 elected Congressional Representatives or Senators cannot have their pay withheld since it is a violation of the 27th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution;

BE IT RESOLVED, THAT WE, THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, make the following demands of the 535 Federally elected representatives in the House and Senate of our Constitutional Republic, elected to represent the lawful citizens of these United States:

1.   ALL 535 elected representatives have their unofficial, enumerated and non-enumerated, FREE benefits and perks, and similar "gifts" be suspended during any government shutdown, partial or full; and

2.   In addition to the suspension of their security, franking privileges, paid staff support, and all other support, financial or otherwise, provided by the tax payers of this Constitutional Republic, that the IRS collect a "non-furlough", non-refundable, non-tax deductible, administrative fee, of $1,000 per diem from each of the 535 representatives during the shutdown which would go into a special lock box untouchable by the legislators without Congressional AND Executive Office (POTUS) joint approval at least ten (10) years after the date of collection for the sole purpose of the welfare of the lawful citizens of these United States of America; and

3.   ALL appropriation bills must be placed for a final vote in and by each House of Congress without riders, earmarks, or other attachments.

MOREOVER, NONE of the 535 elected Congressional Representatives or Senators is permitted to donate any portion of their salary as a relief during any shutdown to any organization, prior to FULL payment of the $1,000 per diem, “non-furlough” fee to the IRS.


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