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Stop selling weapons and arms to Saudi Arabia

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Weapons sales to Saudi Arabia must stop.

 This petition is to urge the government to stop all sales of weaponry to Saudi Arabia which in turn will help stop innocent deaths of civilians and stop the funding of ISIS.   

The UK, US and western world has been selling weapons to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for too long. Saudi Arabia is one of our strongest allies in the middles east according to the government especially when it comes to fighting extremism however, Saudi Arabia has been funding ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) for years. ISIS attacks have been devastating to many western countries and has been responsible with the killing and massacres of hundreds of innocent lives not only in the middle east but also in Europe such as the attacks in Manchester, London and Paris to name a few. Yet our government continues to fund Saudi Arabia and a country which actively hates the West and continues to fund extremism.

Saudi Arabia has also been using the weapons sold to them on innocent civilians, evidence has found British made weapons being used by Saudi forces on innocent lives in Yemen. The civil war in Yemen is being made worse by Saudi forces which has been targeting innocent civilians as well as blocking ports which Yemen needs access to for food 85% of its food. This has created potential famine for 7 over million people.

These are only a few reasons why we must as a nation come together tell the government that we must stop funding and arming Saudi forces which will help us defeat ISIS and save countless of innocent lives.

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