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Stop mandatory vaccines for health care workers!!

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Research and other publicly acquired information now shows why: hospital systems are REQUIRED to have a 90% or higher flu shot reception rate among their staff, or they lose up to 2% of their funding of Medicare/Medicaid ( While the government itself does not require mandatory vaccination policies, many if not all employers, are taking an "all or nothing" stance against their workers. You now face being fired if you refuse a flu vaccine. This is in violation of human rights, and is also a violation of the Patient Bill of Rights that gives all patients the right to refuse a medical procedure.
Many employers claim that this is "the best way to protect patients" yet they fail to disclose that they will lose money if they do not do this. 

The Cochrane Collaboration studies show that the flu vaccine is nearly worthless in preventing the flu: "The study, Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults, is damning of the entire pharmaceutical industry and its minions: the drug testing industry and the medical system that both relies on and promotes them.
In the usual scientific journal style of understatement, the authors concluded:
The results of this review seem to discourage the utilization of vaccination against influenza in healthy adults as a routine public health measure. As healthy adults have a low risk of complications due to respiratory disease, the use of the vaccine may be only advised as an individual protection measure against symptoms in specific cases."
Currently, it is becoming mandatory in many healthcare facilities that if you do not have a flu shot, you can and will be fired. Many nurses and healthcare professionals have already lost their jobs.

No person in the United States should be forced or coerced into having any medical procedure or vaccine. 
Currently, the only studies that have been released are those funded by the vaccine companies themselves. There is no confirmed evidence that the flu vaccine works. Even the information supplied by the CDC is an estimate only.
" CDC does not know exactly how many people die from seasonal flu each year."
Please help in stopping the mandatory and forced vaccination of healthcare workers in this country. Help to overturn the ruling of the 2% funding loss. Help our healthcare workers stay safe, and allow them to have the same patient rights as anyone else!

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