Stop lengthy process make it less than 3-6 months

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American US Citizens/Immigrants families suffer separation from their loved ones fiancé/husbands/parents because consular at embassies reject them even when approved in USA

Family of US citizens, green card ( parents and spouse ) should not be denied visa unless it is for security reasons specially for US citizen/ immigrants who have lived in USA for past 15 years.

Parents and spouse other type of visa’s ( F1, H1 ) –should not be denied to visit USA and their visitor visa should not be denied, if the petitioner has stayed for more than 6-10 years in USA

2.  US embassies cannot place in administrative processing any case other than for security reasons after visa is approved in USA.  Administrative processing should be completed within 60 days and should not take 4 to 12 months . If consular in embassies denied visa as they do not believe the relationship is valid, we  need to have a jury within  3 months  to make a decision in  USA for US citizen, rather than the mood of the counselors  at embassies abroad and during this time fiancé should be able to visit USA.

3. Stop Administrative processing 221 G that is often given without a cause and can take from 3 months to 8 years. Most of them with getting denial after wasting time. Oftentimes these denials are issued at consulates, and as such are made at the determination of one person, the one lacking oversight or accountability.

4. Brother and sister of American citizens green card holders should also be able to visit USA. Petitioner will be liable if the people they sponsor overstays or become illegal residents. Petitions can be fined rather than not letting brother or sister to even visit their families.

5. If the fiance K1/ spousal K3  process takes more than 6 months, the law should at least let the fiance/fiancee and spouses visit USA during this whole immigration processing.