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I've been fighting an illegal foreclosure. My friends have been fighting illegal foreclosures. My family will soon be evicted before we have our day in a real court, not a kangaroo court. It's time for us to stand up & fight. Millions of families have lost their homes, illegally.

It's time to invest in people not Wall Street. Hedge Funds & Private Equity Firms are stealing our homes. They are not afraid to commit fraud & perjury. They're placing false evidence into court records. Justice is supposed to be blind NOT walk around with blinders on. It's time to wake up. Just because the word "foreclosure" is in the caption of the complaint doesn't mean they have the right to foreclose. Just because the word "bank" is in the Plaintiff's name doesn't mean it's really a bank. The real players are Lone Star, Rushmore/Roosevelt, Stanwich, Matawin, Bayview, Queens Park Oval, 25 Capital Partners, etc. They're not banks. They're junk debt buyers who will stop at nothing to make a buck.

Please sign the petition & send it to everyone you know.We're hard working families, not "foam on the runway".

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