Stop human trafficking

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    An estimated 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked every year in US. In Texas alone, 79,000 youths and minors are involved in sex trafficking and 234,000 people are involved in labor trafficking. That's a total of 313,000 people. All those people involved in human trafficking and that's only Texas. In all of the US, a grand total of 1.2 million people are victims of human trafficking. All the children who are involved in human trafficking could be in school learning and eventually growing up to be people contributing to society. The adults who are stuck in these sweat shops, brothels, hotels, etc. could also be helping making are world a better place. If all the people stuck in human trafficking were instead working or learning, we could have a much smarter world. These are all reasons that we should stop human trafficking. Sign this petition to show Trump how big of a problem this is.