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Distribute brochures from website

We have two brochures on our website in the first section. They can be downloaded, sent by attachment or printed. Please feel free to distribute this information on the Wireless Body Area Network with everyone you meet. The implantation of this system and the 5G network that will operate it, will mean the absolute loss of every privacy right ever known. Every bodily function will be monitored by the government, including elimination and sexual activity. They will know every time you have an orgasm. Someone will always be watching. This is how ultimately horrible this situation is and no one is talking about it. Ordinary people just have no idea. If they know this is going to be done to their children and grandchildren, maybe they will listen. Do your share! We need everyone who knows this is happening to participate. Stand up and shout this message so all will know what is coming. Please help educate the public. Send them out by mail or put them in car doors in parking lots. Put them on front doors of houses. Please help tell people of this coming enslavement.  Thank you.

Citizens Against Harmful Technology
4 years ago