Grant the ability to save lives by changing laws for reckless driving resulting in death

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Melissa McKenzie
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Hello,  my name is Melissa and this is my story: My 16 year old was hit and drug for over a mile in 2018. She succumbed to her injuries 4 days later. Her name is Victoria and she mattered to a lot of people that love and miss her every-day.  The man that hit her was only charged as a minor misdemeanor. He received 1 year suspended license, 1 year probation,  community service, and had to pay restitution.  He was never taken to jail nor a hospital for blood work to see if he was sober to even drive.  I feel this warrants for a much more severe punishment then was given. I read about this type of accident happening every-day and it seems each state has the same punishment guidelines. If people serve jail time for animal abuse I can't wrap my head around how this would be considered less of a crime. Every state needs to make this a more punishable act other then getting a slap on the wrist. These people, whether drunk, sober, or impaired,  are murdering those they hit and kill. It shouldn't matter that they are cooperating with investigation or not. THERE HAS TO BE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!  They should not be allowed to continue to drive a year after they take someones life. This is a slap in the face to families and friends who have lost their loved one to the carelessness of someones driving. I believe we all have the power to change this! Please help me in my journey to change the law and hold these drivers at fault.-***** I only have until February 29th to make this happen.  Please please please help me in my goal! ******