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Law enforcement and other government agencies continue to blame legitimate chronic pain patients under the care of their physicians for the increase in prescription drug overdose deaths.

The Washington Post states that less than 1% of chronic pain patients who take their pain medication as prescribed by their doctor have a problem with addiction. The majority of people abusing prescription narcotic drugs have never seen a physician, have a problem with addiction and use prescription narcotic drugs as a source of a cheap high.

Legitimate chronic pain patients are labeled "drug addicts" and the doctors who treat them as"drug dealers" who run "drug cartels" throughout the country. As a result, chronic pain patients and the doctors who treat them are discriminated against by hospitals, physicians, nurses state medical boards, law enforcement and other government agencies and blamed for the prescription drug overdose death epidemic.

By our signature on this petition we support the rights of legitimate chronic pain patients to receive the medical treatment they need without discrimination and bigotry.

We demand that the President, U.S. Congress, Governors and state legislatures protect the rights of chronic pain patients to receive the best in medical care and end discrimination by law enforcement and government agencies.

Many chronic pain patients are committing suicide because bigotry and discrimination prevents them from receiving desperately needed medical care. We demand a review of the policies and actions by the DEA, FDA, CDC, state medical boards, law enforcement agencies, hospitals etc., that continue to prevent the legitimate treatment of chronic pain in America.

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