Slow the rate of obesity in The USA and eventually end it completely.

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Much of the food sold in America is fast food, junk food, and processed food which is an apparent reason why America's obesity rates are the highest in the world. But obesity is a bigger issue than most people think, and the only way to stop it is to get the FDA involved.

Food corporations aren't putting labels on food packages that should be included since some of the ingredients they put in their food is unsafe and may cause specific health risks. It is essential that the processors of this food is held responsible for at least part of the obesity epidemic in America, but also other health issues that come out of these undocumented chemicals.

But not only chemicals are uncensored in this type of food. High fructose corn syrup, HFCS, is a massive contributor to the obesity epidemic in America. It is much worse for you than sugar and is used as a sugar substitute. It is primarily used in diet sodas and drinks, but it may just reverse the effect you want from a diet drink. But it is now being found in more than only bottles. It is now in foods that aren't even supposed to be sweet. But it supposedly tastes better, and it's cheap, so our American food businesses add it to nearly everything these days. 

We need to raise awareness to stop these food corporations and save The United States' population. Help us bring this message to the FDA that we want change!