Separation of church and state, let's remove the school mascot from the school name

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Separation of Church and state, which was never meant to be part of our U.S. constitution, but it is, not supposed to be in these states by a governing body to lead prayer, speak your heart of scripture and it shouldn't, it should start at the house by that man and woman team with your kiddos, just not be on Sunday but everyday and as the devil is laid down the legion of demons will still be here, but we need to start and make America truly great again, devil mascot from school name that isn't a red devil, blue devil, devil dog, daredevil nor a sundevil but is beautiful, luring, show off it's body, knows how to kill, rape, sin, how to preach, sing and teach and is running, roaring and soaring like a lion, knows how to put on it's Creator image that made us all as well, what God left me here to see this happen and us finally become United again here in these states of America for this cause!!!!!  Bring that material that needs to be made here in these states of America again and stop looking at the color of skin.  The Bible reads whether you believe it or not that the devil is to be laid down for thousand years in Revelation 20:2, well He that is God, let me meet with Him 9.20.2007 to see that He does have a skin tone and it is brown that we call black and has short hair, not tan we call white with long hair.  To love all , John 15:19