Schools hiring armed US Veterans to protect the staff and students from criminals.

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Our children deserve to be protected! Banning guns, or gun alterations,  is not going to stop criminals from being criminals! All over the world countries have created different ways to fight crime, some allowed their citizens, even to the point of requiring them, to own guns without limitation while others have banned them. Instead of looking at gun violence as overall gun related homicides you need take in consideration how many were in self defense of a criminal committing malicious acts. Law abiding citizens do not harm people. Ask yourself this, does your nieghbor own a gun? Do they wave it around for everyone to see? Does that elderly couple go around shooting people? The answer is usually no or “I don’t know”. Normal human beings do not commit crimes but they can prevent them if they have the means to do so. 

We have thousands of people who have been properly trained in firearm safety, firearm usage, and tactical skills. Many of those individuals are on the street without a home or struggling to find work after having served our country to protect our freedoms, to keep us safe from terrorists both foreign and domestic!  I guarantee if you walked up to any honorably discharged veteran and asked if they would serve their country once again but this time against domestic threats the answer would be yes especially if it meant the safety of our children! They are trained to run towards the threat! They are trained to pinpoint any and all suspicious persons and to react rationally in an emergency or irrational situation! They are trained in treating casualties on the spot while under fire! They are trained to apprehend and subdue any and all threats! They are trained to be take orders and see them through! Call them to action once again, ask them to volunteer their lives to the same oath they swore to uphold for our country but this time to protect our most precious children and our future! 

Depending on the size of the school and the amount of children would determine how many armed veterans would be required to secure the campus, random inspections, frequent walk throughs, and constant supervision of the enterances and exits would be a huge step in the directions of our children have a safe learning environment. Our children should be worth whatever funding is needed to keep them safe! Our Veterans are worth the opportunities available for them have employment that specifically require them to use their military skills! With this we can literally decrease the amount of jobless veterans and the likeliness of shootings! 

As of right now our school campuses are a target, an easy one too because we have made them gun free zones. We basically told all the criminals, established or not, that there is no way to protect our children and no way that they, the criminals, will be stopped for 8-10 minutes after they start the crime. We basically served our children on a silver platter with a sign saying “We are victims.”. You can not protect what you love without the proper tools to do so. Let’s turn the tides and finally do something that will actually stop criminals! Let’s protect our children with a better weapon than the criminals, Tactically trained and armed Unites States Veterans! 

If we can get this proposition to be heard and we can do so much more for this country and our children! End the violence, stop making our children the victims and take control! 



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