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Save the Yezidis

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ISIS terrorists need to be stopped!

The media is doing no justice for what is really going on, we need our voices to be heard. We need to open the eyes of every single person in the world because ultimately, this will affect everyone.  These terrorists are evil monsters that will stop for no one until we force them all to. The Yezidis in Iraq have and always will be the targeted minorities in Iraq. Help stop the killings, pain, and sufferings these innocent people are facing each and every day. ISIS has taken over our villages and will continue to take over if we can’t put a stop to this. 

You don’t need to be in politics, know about our religion, or even believe in it. You just need to be human. No one deserves this. These evil monsters are forcing the Yezidi minorities in Iraq out of their homes, forcing them to flee into these mountains with no food or water, children, mothers, fathers killed. They are losing their families, losing everything they have, and everything they have ever known.
We need the resources to help stop the terrorists from killing these innocent lives. We need to raise our voices until we get to go in there and protect our people and provide them with peace and safety!

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