Help Save 500-700 Yellowstone Bison from Slaughter this Winter!

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Help us stop the slaughter of 500-700 Yellowstone bison plus a possible additional 200 males, our National Mammal, this winter by strengthening the National Bison Legacy Act.

Tell the President Biden and members of Congress to stop the slaughter of the Yellowstone bison, our National Mammal, by strengthening the National Bison Legacy Act!

On May 9, 2016, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act designating American bison our country’s National Mammal. In passing the Act, Congress inserted an amendment, Sec. 3 (b), directing the federal government to do nothing for American bison held in sacred public trust as wildlife: “Nothing in this Act or the adoption of the North American bison as the national mammal of the United States shall be construed or used as a reason to alter, change, modify, or otherwise affect any plan, policy, management decision, regulation, or other action by the Federal Government.”

The American bison, held in sacred public trust as wildlife, needs protection!

We cannot honor our National Mammal, and their relationship to Native Americans, by allowing the indiscriminate slaughter of the Yellowstone bison. This is the one place the migratory species still roams their native habitat in the United States. The Yellowstone bison are unique, requiring special attention and action, distinguished as the only bison to continuously inhabit their original range in the United States, and comprised of genetically distinct sub-populations, the Central and Northern herds. The Yellowstone bison are also a keystone species that are important to rewilding the North American continent to help prevent the effects of climate change.

Sign our petition and we’ll send it to the President and members of Congress asking them to strengthen the National Bison Legacy Act by repealing Sec. 3 (b). We will request they stop the slaughter of the Yellowstone bison and give this keystone species the freedom to roam our public lands. We’ll also remind them that the national policy of Congress is to conserve North American bison in the wild as a sacred public trust for future generations.

Let Buffalo Roam! Stop the Slaughter! Please Spread the Word to Save the Herd!

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