Save Protesting Bangladeshi School Childrens from Terrorist Organization BCL.

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This is Message to The President Of United States Of America, United Nations. 

When A Country’s High school students take on street You have to understand that State is a big failure. As you guys already well Acquinted that There is ongoing protests going on for a week now. 

The Protesters are mostly consist of High school students( as young as 13). All they want is “IMPROVED ROAD SAFETY, NOONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED to DRive WITHOUT LICENSE, Implementing Traffic Rules” Sounds legit and You are thinking these rule should be implemented even without being asked ? Not the Case with Bangladeshi 

This is a plea for help.

On 29th of July 2018 school going students were killed by a reckless bus driver. The students protested with slogans on the same bus stand.

All students of Bangladesh are protesting for safer roads and more strict regulations.

Their intention was never to harm even a single person. Neither it is now.

But today POLICE AND PEOPLE OF CHATRO LEAGUE tortured students with tear shell. They are beating students brutally and raping the female students. The students are trying to defend themselves with sticks and tree branches that they've found on the streets.

4 students have been murdered and other 4 female students have been raped, many more have been injured severly. And the Government is sitting there silent.

WE NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE! We ask you to please get some media coverage and Pressurize on BD Govt to Stop Plotting Genocide against BD High School Going Students. about this matter, since none of the local media channels are being allowed to do so.  

Every hour You delay there will be more Teenagers being killed for No Reason. 

Govt supposed to be for people. But here It’s Govt Vs people. Do something before It’s to late. We don’t want our future leaders to die this way. 

And Declare Bangladesh Chatra League as Terrorist organization. Who gave them right to Carry on murder on Broaden day Light? What is their right? They are raping Underage Girls and so on. 

WE WANT JUSTICE# We Want to Ensure safety for our future generation. Our government is Working against us. We want your Attention as soon as possible. 

See the attached videos and Images for what’s going on. In last hour, BD govt shut down Mobile Internet.