Sanctions against the Nigerian government for the extra judicial killing of unarmed people

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The young people of Lagos were exercising the constitutional rights to protest the unlawful killings by police and demanding an end to police brutality. The government of Nigeria ordered the removal of cctv cameras at at the location of the protest and authorized the shooting of unarmed civilians. This led to the injury and death of innocent protesters. At the moment the bodies of those killed are being carted away by the government.

The protesters posed no threat to the security of the country. Rather the government and its agents tried to infiltrate the peaceful protest with thugs. Officially the death toll from the peaceful #endsars protest is approximately 10, without counting the number of people killed tonight who were sitting in peaceful protest before the government ordered the soldiers to shoot live bullets on the peaceful protesters. At the moment it is believed that countless number of innocent people have been taken into custody with no access to lawyers or family. The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria allows for peaceful protest. The young people killed and arrested today were only exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights. There was no need for the blood shed