Sanction Belarus for supporting Russia Invasion of Ukraine

Sanction Belarus for supporting Russia Invasion of Ukraine

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Started by Drake Orfeo

Russia is invading Ukraine directly from the east, south from annexed Crimea and most importantly north from Belarus. Before Putin ordered the aggression, which began on 2022-2-21, Russian army had already began to amass at the Belarus-Ukraine border under the pretext of joint military exercise. From the north, Kyiv is only 160km from Belarus, far closer than to invade from from Ukraine's eastern and southern flanks, Russian army can reach the Capital in 2 hours and receive endless military supplies from the Belarusian Army.

While we are happy to see unprecedented solidarity with Ukraine and tremendous global efforts to defund Putin's war machine, leaders seems to have neglected Belarus's role in the war, dictator Lukashenko is still proudly supporting Putin militarily and funneling money for the war. On 2022-2-27, Belarus comfortably held a referendum to renounce her neutral status which would allow deployment of nuclear weapons within the country. On 2022-3-2 Lukashenko ordered more Belarusian troops to be deployed to the Ukraine border. Belarus had become a blind spot for Ukraine's allies and the war machine is still running via Belarus.

We would like to see Russian sanctions equally imposed on Belarus:

  1. Ban major Belarus banks from using SWIFT
  2. Suspend all electronic payment services in Belarus: credit/debit cards, mobile payment
  3. Ground all flights to and from Belarus and ban Aeroflot, S7 Airlines & Belavia from US, EU, Canada and UK airspace
  4. Expand Russian economic sanctions to Belarus, freeze assets of individuals from the Belarus Government, Army and Belarusian oligarchs
  5. Ban exports of Belarus products and oil
  6. Suspend entertainment and sports participation of Belarus

Despite their valiance, Ukrainians are dying.
The clock is ticking, time is running out to save lives, prevent further humanitarian crisis and stop WWIII from becoming reality.


266 have signed. Let’s get to 500!