Restitution for Slavery (Black Holocaust Survivors)

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The mission is to secure what we consider a small measure of justice for African-American victims of Slavery persecution. We have pursued this goal since the American Civil War through a combination of negotiations, disbursing funds to individuals and organizations, and seeking the return of African-American decedent's property lost during the Black Holocaust. We believe that this government has robbed us, and now we are demanding the overdue debt of forty acres and two mules. Forty acres and two mules were promised 100 years ago as restitution for slave labor and mass murder of Black people a Black Holocaust in America. We will accept the payment in currency which will be distributed to our many communities. The Germans are now aiding the Jews in Israel for the genocide of the Jewish people. The Germans murdered six million Jews. The American racist has taken part in the slaughter of over fifty million Black people; therefore, we feel that this is a modest demand that we make.