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To Recall the US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily

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We, the undersigned citizens of the United States of America ask President Obama to:

- Recall Jess Bailey, current ambassador of United States to the Republic of Macedonia (henceforth Macedonia), because of his continuous actions in violation of diplomatic conventions and norms, and for engaging in hostile activities against Macedonia;

- Direct US diplomatic staff to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Macedonia, particularly in investigating activities to destabilize the country and force a change of Macedonia’s legitimate and democratically elected government;

- Direct US officials to cease and desist preventing the Macedonian people to freely choose their government in the elections scheduled for June 5, 2016;

- Stop funding and supporting allegedly non-governmental organizations, such as the Soros Foundation, that promote ethnic and other tensions; engage in violence and acts of vandalism; and serve as instruments of political pressure in Macedonia’s politics and policies;

- Stop exerting pressure on Macedonian media to censor news and shows that are critical of US policies and actions, including of instances of US aggression, bullying, corruption and hypocrisy.

- Reveal the names and sanction appropriately all individuals involved in the mass wiretapping of Macedonian citizens. The more than million secretly recorded conversations, presumably by US and allied intelligence agencies, have been used to blackmail Macedonian government officials in an attempt to topple the legitimately elected government.

President Obama, we, the undersigned, desire excellent relations between the United States and Macedonia. However, we put you on notice that Ambassador Baily’s actions continue to cause grave damage to bilateral ties, as well as to US credibility and standing. If Ambassador Baily’s actions have been conducted to ultimately effect a change in Macedonia’s name to usher the country into NATO, be aware that the Macedonians, a sovereign people, will resist such efforts by any and all means. We hope you will agree that at a time when unfortunately, the US foreign policy is suffering defeats, recalling Ambassador Jess Baily will be a welcome change in doing the right thing and recasting the United States as beacon of freedom and liberty.

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