Replace Prisons with Long-Term Residential Treatment Facilities And Professional Trained

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The United States of America is the ONLY Country that has Mass Incarcerations and one of few Countries around the World, with the Highest Human Rights' Violations. We also know there is an epidemic in America, of Mental Health Issues, Addictions, Racial Injustices and Anger Issues. In addition, we know that there is an enormous problem within the Penal System NATIONWIDE of Prisoner Abuses, Severe Deprivations and Suicides and/or Alleged Suicides. Moreover, Medical And Psychological Providers, Contracted with the Department of Corrections, around the Country, are not able to, or are unwilling to, Provide Accurate Diagnoses, and if and when they do feel a prisoner needs to be hospitalized for a serious condition, the Prisoner/s are prevented from getting the necessary medical treatment because of the DOC Staff and not the Contracted Providers. We, the People are Petitioning the President, U.S. House of Representatives, and  U.S. Senate. to Pass a Bill, to Abolish Prisons and Convert the Prisons Currently in Operations, to LONG-TERM RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT FACILITIES WITH PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL DOCTORS AND NURSES/PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIATRISTS, PSYCHOLOGISTS, SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELORS, OCCUPATIONAL AND PHYSICAL THERAPIST, SOCIAL WORKERS AND GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL THEREAPY, AND GYMS. IT WOULD BE LESS COSTLY TO TAXPAYERS AND MORE PRODUCTIVE, THERAPEUTIC AND SUCCESSFUL IN THE REHABILIATION AND HEALING OF ALL PRISONERS, MEN, WOMEN AND YOUTH. Rather than put someone in prison for 25 years, put them in prison for 15 years with EXTENSIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT. Rather than put someone away for Life/LWOP, put them in for 25 Years with EXTENSIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL, ANGER MANAGEMENT, AND/OR SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT. Prisoners who are extremely dangerous, remain in Long-Term Residential Treatment Facilities, never released. But not abused.